Police catch truck driver speeding and in possession of drugs

Date: Jun 20, 2012

All drivers have a responsibility to exercise caution behind the wheel. Not only does this protect their own safety, it also protects the other motorists they share the roads with.

This is particularly true for truck drivers and anyone else driving a heavy duty vehicle, given the potential damage these huge automobiles could cause in a collision.

There are even special rules and regulations that apply to these drivers in New South Wales to minimise risk, including the obligation to apply for a heavy duty vehicle licence.

However, despite the extra rules put in place some truck motorists still do not make sensible decisions.

Earlier this morning (June 20), just before 05:00, a truck driver was caught travelling at 131 kilometres per hour in a 100 kilometres per hour zone on the Hume Highway in Goulburn, according to an official police report.

Upon stopping the 42-year-old male, police soon discovered that speeding was not the only problem.

While inspecting the vehicle, officers found that his licence plate had been tampered with – it seems that the driver was trying to conceal the truck’s true details.

On searching the truck’s interior, the police allegedly located a quantity of drugs. The type of drug has not been confirmed, but is believed to be amphetamine, according to police.

The driver was given a speeding ticket as well as an appropriate ticket for altering his number plate.

He was issued a court notice for a court hearing in July regarding the drugs charge.

This serves as a serious reminder of the consequences that can occur if you fail to comply with road rules and other laws.

That said, the consequences could have been much worse had the driver not been stopped.

Superintendent Stuart Smith – from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – said that if he had been involved in a collision it could have resulted in catastrophic injury.

“I am shocked and disappointed to think that a driver can act so irresponsibly in any vehicle but to commit these alleged offences in a heavy vehicle is beyond belief,” Mr Smith said (June 20).

“The potential dangers that a truck of this size could cause to the driver and other road users whilst speeding would be catastrophic.”

Although no one was injured or hurt as a result of the reckless driver’s actions, you may like to know that there are lawyers in Sydney that can help you get car accident compensation should you ever be involved in a collision or other road incident.


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