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Police ask NSW community to help complete investigation

In many car accident injury claims, it takes an expert opinion or facts from an investigator to seal the deal and ensure compensation.

That's why it's so crucial for police to do everything they can to learn all the facts from multiple sources about every crash and car accident injury. This led investigators with the New South Wales Police Force to release an official statement to the public to learn more about a recent accident.

The force released a statement calling for any potential witnesses to come forward with any information they have regarding a recent crash in Ingleside. The accident occurred on Thursday, September 5, and involved two cars.

The initial investigation found that sometime before 5 in the afternoon on Thursday a Holden sport utility vehicle allegedly struck a Nissan X-trail at the corner of Cove Road and Mona Vale Road. The driver of the Holden, a 20-year old male, had to be extracted from his vehicle by emergency medical services.

Once freed, he was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital by medical helicopter where he was treated for serious injuries to his head, chest and neck.

The second driver in the crash, operating the Nissan, was a female whose name or age have not been released. First responders stated they found two young children in the vehicle, however no one in the car needed medical attention.

The crash inspection is being headed by the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit of the NSW Police Force, and the group said any information that could lead to a better understanding of how the crash occurred would be tremendously helpful.

Don't become a statistic

The NSW Transport Centre for Road Safety has been keeping tabs on crashes like the previously mentioned accident for years. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the measures the government is putting in place are having a huge effect on lowering car accident fatalities.

To date, there have been 123 road fatalities among drivers in 2013. This is already higher than the 114 that were reported in the same period last year. However, the number of motorcycle and passenger deaths has fallen in this period.

Those who have been injured in such a crash may want to get in touch with a car accident lawyer to understand all legal options that may be available.

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