Pokemon Go leading to accidents – we can help you if you’re affected

Date: Aug 01, 2016

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you're aware or at least have heard of Pokémon Go. What you may also be aware of is that this massively popular trend is a cause of a number of accidents on our roads.

Be it car, bike or bus accident, whoever is involved needs to be aware of what they are entitled to in terms of motor accidents compensation. What is most terrifying about this craze is that people who are so engrossed in playing the game have and will continue to cause accidents everywhere the mobile phone app is available. 

Users are putting themselves and others at risk

This month alone saw two teenagers fined $325 each for playing the game while driving near a busy pedestrian crossing in western Sydney.

The pair, both aged 17, were caught by officers on John Street in Cabramatta – an area that is described by fans of the app as "lit" on Facebook. Essentially, the area is a hotbed for users trying to "catch" animals on the app. 

John Hartley, a New South Wales assistant police commissioner, has called on members of the public do everything they can to prevent family members from playing the game whilst driving. 

"Now is the time for older sibling and parents of younger drivers to reinforce proper driving behaviour on our roads," he said. "If this isn't done, police are there to ensure that it is done…in the hope we can prevent them being involved in a serious injury or fatal crash."

Know who to speak to in case the worst happens

Should you find yourself the victim of a Pokémon Go-related accident, or accident of any kind, it's important to know who can best help you in your hunt for the accident compensation you are entitled to. The majority of people are unaware of what compensation they may be entitled to under the New South Wales motor accidents compensation scheme.

If you should find yourself involved in an accident where you are not at fault, or even partially at fault, it's imperative that you speak to expert accident compensation lawyers. At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we live for personal injury law. 

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