Plans to make driving in Sydney safer

Date: Jun 12, 2014

The NSW government has announced plans to begin a "once-in-a-generation assault" on urban congestion that is aimed at freeing up Sydney's roads and making journeys safer.

According to Road Safety NSW, there have been close to 50 fatalities on metropolitan NSW roads this year and city congestion is one of the main contributors.

In plans to rid Sydney of bottlenecks and reduce car accidents, the NSW government will construct two extensions to the WestConnex which will provide motorists with a motorway corridor uninterrupted from the city's south to ANZAC Bridge, the CBD at Darling Harbour and Sydney's north.

As well as this, a new rapid transit rail network which includes a second Harbour Crossing is planned to take motorists off roads and onto public transport.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said the extensions will address key congestion points and make the route in and out of Sydney much safer.

"These extensions will make travel from the city's south to the CBD quicker and bring those areas closer to the city, as well as providing significant relief to the City West Link at Haberfield by allowing motorists to bypass traffic lights and connect directly to the CBD at Darling Harbour," he said.

"An expanded WestConnex also means that M4 motorists travelling from Parramatta to Sydney's CBD could completely avoid the City West Link and travel on a motorway all the way to the city."

Premier Baird is convinced that, by March 2015, Sydney will be a different city for all road users.

"Sydneysiders know that they live in the greatest city, in the greatest state, in the greatest country in the world," Mr Baird said.

"But we also know that clogged roads and crowded trains are like a heavy, wet blanket sitting on our lives. Whether commuting to work or heading out to enjoy this great city, we all want to get there quicker."

NSW car accident compensation

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