Pedestrian death in Casula

Date: Apr 16, 2012


The dangers inherent in road travel are multiplied several times when motor vehicles interacts with people outside of a car, causing pedestrian injury that can be quite severe.

This was the case in a suburb to the south of on April 12, where a crash saw an elderly man lose his life after being hit after being hit by an ordinary sedan.

Police say that the accident occurred on Kurrajong Road in the suburb of Casula after the victim – a man in his 80s – attempted to cross the street near the intersection of Tallowwood Avenue.

It appears that he was struck by a bronze-coloured Toyota Camry at around 11:30 and received extensive injuries.

A map of the area shows a median strip on the road, with two dedicated pedestrian crossing points near the section that passes a car park near the Casula shopping mall.

Official reports give no indication as to the cause of the crash or the environmental conditions immediately preceding the incident.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and were able to treat the man at the scene before transferring him to the nearby Liverpool Hospital.

However, despite the best attentions of emergency services and medical staff he later died of his injuries.

Official reports indicate that the driver of the Toyota – a woman in her 80s – did not sustain any significant injuries during the crash.

It is understood that she has since undergone the mandatory blood and urine testing that form part of the official investigations into a fatal car accident and will be assisting the police with their ongoing investigation.

Kurrajong Road was closed by the authorities for a number of hours while paramedics treated the victim.

Barriers were kept in place to allow officers from the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit to examine the scene.

In NSW, pedestrian victims of car accidents can be considered by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) to be eligible for compensation.

This may be the case regardless of whether a driver involved is considered to be at fault – as so-called 'blameless accidents' can also be dealt with by the MAA.

Close relatives to the victims may also be eligible to receive financial assistance in the event of their death, as the Authority is able to make payments that cover loss of financial support, funeral expenses or even dependent services.

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