Our Services in Australia

Our Personal Injury Services VIC, SA, WA, TAS, NT

We handle compensation cases from claimants in all states of Australia in the following areas:

Public Liability/ Slip and Fall
Compensation for injuries sustained in public places, parks, footpaths, as well as within shopping centres and private locations such as homes, reception lounges, etc.

Product Liability
Compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the use of a faulty product.

General Negligence
Lump Sum Compensation for individuals with severe injuries sustained where another person or body has directly or indirectly been negligent.

Motor Accident Claims
Claims for personal injury or death arising from a motor vehicle, motor cycle, bus or train accident.

Medical Negligence
Claims against any medical practitioner, specialist or Hospitals arising from medical negligence in the medical field.

Dust Diseases
Compensation for injuries arising from the ill-effects and permanent disabilities due to exposure to dangerous elements such as asbestos, chemicals, etc.

Dental Negligence
Claims against Dentists and Oral Surgeons arising from negligence in this field.

Child abuse cases/and sexual assault
We handle Common Law damages for people who have been sexually and physically assaulted as children and/or as adults.

Superannuation and Personal Disability claims
If you are no longer able to work and no longer able to perform all duties of your usual occupation full time, you may be entitled to a significant lump sum benefit in addition to any workers compensation or weekly or monthly superannuation payments being paid to you already.

Will Disputes
For more information visit our website Contesting Wills Lawyers.

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