‘Operation Phoenix’ to target misbehaving NSW drivers

Date: Apr 12, 2013

The frequency with which fatal car accidents occur on NSW roads is an ongoing concern for authorities across the state.

And in reality, it is just the tip of the iceberg, with a far greater number of minor crashes which can nonetheless result in injuries and damage to vehicles.

In September 2012, AAMI revealed that the rate of occurrence of two of the most common crash scenarios was higher in NSW than it was on the national level.

It was shown that in NSW, nose-to-tail crashes (30.4 per cent) and crashes as result of failing to give way (23.2 per cent), accounted for higher proportions of all accidents than national statistics (28.1 per cent and 20.2 per cent, respectively).

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison said that with much of the NSW population living in cities, it wasn’t surprising that so many accidents were nose-to-tails.

With even momentary lapses in concentration or awareness enough to lead to a crash, Mr Aitchison said that drivers need to focus more on road safety.

“Being a safe driver really does come back to the basics, like keeping a safe distance between vehicles, maintaining focus or waiting until it is safe to pull out in to traffic or make a turn,” said Mr Aitchison in a statement.

And while getting all drivers on the same page when it comes to the importance of road-safe behaviours isn’t guaranteed to stop accidents occurring, it may well help reduce their frequency.

Yet there are still drivers that wilfully ignore such well-intended warnings, and a new NSW police operation will seek to target these motorists on the Barton Highway over the next few days.

Operation Phoenix will see officers out in force on the major highway until Sunday April 14, looking for law-breaking motorists.

“In the past two years there have been 56 major crashes on that highway – half of those resulted in the loss of life,” said acting inspector Mick Timms in an April 11 statement.

“Anyone who wants to put themselves or other innocent road users in danger by acting up behind the wheel of a vehicle will be caught and dealt with accordingly.”

When accidents do occur on NSW roads, those injured may be entitled to claim for car accident compensation.

The motor accidents compensation scheme isn’t limited to car drivers and passengers, but also extends to pedestrian injury, motorbike and bicycle accidents.

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