Operation Arrive Alive reminds drivers of road dangers

Date: Jan 14, 2016

Despite being an everyday activity, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle or riding along as a passenger can be a dangerous endeavour. The rising road toll in recent years is an unfortunate testament to this, with the figures revealing the state's roads can be an incredibly dangerous place. 

In the event of a vehicle accident, it's important that people are fairly compensated for the trauma and injuries they receive. As this can result in people being unable to work, car accident compensation can make a huge difference to a person's financial well-being. 

Operation Arrive Alive targets drink drivers

There is a range of hazards that can make NSW roads dangerous for drivers. From collisions with animals to the influence of other dangerous motorists, people are can be exposed to risks even when they are making an effort to observe safe driving practices. 

Operation Arrive Alive represents a commitment from the NSW Police to bring awareness to dangerous driving habits and reduce the number of car accident injuries people are exposed to. 

The effort has seen the police crack down on a number of life-threatening behaviours. For example, in the week ending January 12, more than 170 people were arrested for driving while intoxicated in NSW alone. 

This addition means that since the operation began in the week for Christmas, just under 1,500 people have been charged with the offence across 80,000 roadside breath tests. 

In December, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley expressed his disappointment that many motorists were failing to heed the warnings offered by Operation Arrive Alive. 

"I urge everyone travelling on the roads to please slow down and stay safe," he began. "There are several factors that contribute toward collisions including fatigue and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

"Speeding significantly increases your risk of injury if involved in a crash."

With an increasing number of accidents still taking place toward the tail end of the holiday period, there's likely to be an increased demand for car accident compensation. The coming few days also brings with it the anniversary of the most deadly week on NSW roads where 18 people lost their lives in accidents across the state. 

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