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Ongoing Sydney construction a hazard for drivers

The NSW construction and civil engineering industries are currently extremely busy, a trend that is expected to continue for the coming years as a number of significant infrastructure projects ramp up. While the ultimate result is likely to be a positive one for Sydney’s population – especially its commuters – the construction phases of the larger projects could make the roads more dangerous in the meantime.

A warning from the NSW Department of Transport seeks to remind commuters that Sydney is a city under construction. With a greater number of distractions due to the many changes to roads and new infrastructure layouts there could be more car accident claims as people adapt to the new driving conditions.

Why is this time of year risky for drivers?

While most people across NSW have not long returned from their holidays, a significant section of the workforce never took a break. In fact, construction employees across the city used the holiday period, and the consequent reduction in commuter activity, to start some major projects, including beginning to lay the track for Sydney’s Light Rail network.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said that while the work went smoothly while the majority of Sydney’s workers were on holiday, this could change as an influx of commuters all return to work for the new year.

“We’ve made some great progress and are really pushing on with building vital new infrastructure across Sydney,” Mr Constance began. “However there’s still a lot more to do and that means some disruption is simply unavoidable.”

It’s not just the major infrastructure-altering projects that are causing disruptions. The warning also notes that the wide range of road upgrade projects currently underway will result in some road layouts changing, which could confuse drivers and make people a bit more hesitant.

Sydney increases its focus on road safety

One of the most significant road safety campaigns in NSW at the moment is the Towards Zero movement which encourages all road users throughout the state to modify their behaviour with the aim of reducing the road toll to zero.

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said that while the road upgrades are important, it’s also the decisions people make when using them that matter.

“Already this year we have lost 10 people on NSW roads and partnerships like this are vital to ensure NSW has one of the best road safety cultures in the world,” he said. “We can invest billions of dollars in upgrades and new road infrastructure, but we need everyone to help us protect our most valuable commodity by driving safely – the people of NSW.”

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