Ongoing allegations of cosmetic malpractice

Date: Nov 09, 2011

A cosmetic surgeon is the subject of ongoing controversy after several former patients members have come forward with claims that they have suffered permanent facial injuries and ongoing pain after receiving dermal treatments.

Numerous reports have surfaced about patients in Australia experiencing permanent pigmentation damage, scarring and other injuries after undergoing laser therapies and chemical peels administered by the practitioner.

In one case a woman in her 40s was told that she would have patchy skin on her face for the rest of her life after undergoing a procedure to reduce wrinkles.

Following her visit to the professional, the victim claimed that she had been severely burned by the treatment – with ongoing pain and scarring that required expensive corrective work.

She told The Australian: "My specialists have said she has gone too deep with the laser, which has caused severe burns to the skin and taken too many layers off."

Another patient recounted their experience to reporters, stating: "My dermatologists have told me that she has burnt the top layers, and my skin will never be as it was before.

"I had never had anything done to my face before I went to see her for what should have been a very minor treatment with a laser for some open pores."

This coincides with a number of posts made on skin-treatment forums over the last year, with complaints about a range of treatments and perceived shortfalls in professional standards.

On the message boards, user Susan Carr told a story of an encounter with the dermatologist, which left them with scarring and pigmentation damage.

They wrote: "Both the laser and the peel left me with severe scaring and dents all over my face with red dots everywhere [sic].

"i have been depressed & aftraid to go out in public"

Another contributor – jkirby – wrote to inform readers that they should "beware" of the practitioner in question, and claimed that the stories in the media were true.

The user jkirby wrote: "[The doctor] has no practicing medical licence in Melbourne or other Australian states with the exception of a conditional licence in NSW that has been widely breached [sic].

"I am astonished this is allowed to occur."

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