One dead, one hurt after Queensland zipline accident

Date: Nov 20, 2019

An Adelaide man was killed and his wife was seriously injured after an accident at Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours in Cape Tribulation. After their line snapped, the couple, who were harnessed to each other, fell about 15 metres and suffered serious injuries.

Background of the accident

During the couple’s descent on a popular tourist ride, onlookers said that they heard a “twang” sound, only to realise that the steel braiding broke. The couple then fell to the ground, where the father of three, who was visiting the attraction to celebrate his 50th birthday, was killed on the scene.

His wife suffered pelvic injuries and wounds to her shoulder and arm in the accident. She was transported to a nearby hospital.

This is not the first time Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours, located in the Daintree rainforest, has been the site of such an accident. An English visitor suffered permanent brain damage after falling 30 metres from the same zipline in 2003.

Can relatives claim public liability?

Relatives of the deceased man may be able to file a public liability claim on his behalf, and his wife may be able to file a claim of her own for damages suffered. To make a public liability claim in Queensland, three things must be proven:

  • The company at fault owned you a duty of care (they had an obligation to protect you),
  • The company failed to do so, and
  • You (or your relative) were harmed as a direct result.

These points should be fairly easy to prove on behalf of the Adelaide man and for his wife. The company was charged with keeping the couple safe in their care while on the zipline, the equipment failed while they were riding the attraction and they were both harmed as a direct result of the line breaking.

Compensation in the state depends on the extent of injuries, loss of earnings and suffering. So, the wife would want to provide legal counsel with medical invoices and evidence of lost wages, and the family would want to discuss the lost wages of the husband, as well as any innumerable suffering endured.

With this being said, their ability to file, or the amount they may be compensated could be affected by any waiver the attendees may have signed, as is common in such adventure parks.

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