Offender sentenced after history of physical and sexual attacks

Date: Jul 05, 2019

In Australia, intimate domestic violence causes more illness, disability and deaths than any other risk factor for women aged 25 to 44, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Unfortunately, this was the topic of a recent case brought before the District Court of NSW, whereby a young woman had experienced ongoing physical abuse and an act of sexual assault by her partner.

Background of the relationship

The complainant and the offender had been in an intimate domestic relationship for a number of years. The case was comprised of eight counts detailing various acts of physical and sexual assault.

In respect of count one, the offender and victim got into an argument over what the man had been doing at a party he had attended earlier in the night. During the row, the offender picked up a bag containing a bottle of perfume and struck the complainant over the head. At this time, the victim was heavily pregnant with twins.

The following seven counts comprised of similar acts of domestic physical violence which involved the offender kicking, intimidating and assaulting the young woman.

Background of the sexual assault

At around the same time of the physical assault counts the victim also suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the offender. On the evening of August 23, 2017, the young woman had been at a party with friends, and decided to walk home with a female acquaintance. On their journey back, she saw the offender sat outside his home with a group of people and decided to stay, leaving her friend to walk home.

Sometime later she noticed the offender had left, so the young woman decided to leave. She told the court that she remembers being down a laneway where she saw two men, one of whom she believed to be the offender. 

The young woman recalled how she was on a lawn with her pants down and how the offender forced himself inside her. After sexually assaulting the victim, the offender left. 

When she returned home, the victim called 000. 

Most recent events

Since being in custody from November 13, 2017, the offender has pled guilty to his crimes. Taking his plea and all evidence into account, the court felt satisfied that the man's actions were of a serious nature. As such, he was sentenced to a total of seven years' imprisonment with a non-parole period of four years and four months. 

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