NSW treasurer’s brother faces sexual assault charges

Date: Jul 28, 2017

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet's younger brother, Jean Claude, is facing three charges of sexual assault after allegedly raping a woman at a University of Sydney residential college.

The pair had previously kissed at an after party before the claimed assault, but Jean Claude denies he forced himself on the woman following the event.

She admitted her memory was "fragmented" but she recalled finding herself lying in a leafy area of the campus with Perrottet on top of her. According to the woman, the 20-year-old then sexually assaulted her three times, despite her pleas for him to stop.

Defendant denies sexual assault

Perrottet claimed the woman consented to two sexual encounters, and he denies the third occurred at all. The treasurer's younger brother was not a student at the college and had been invited to the after party as a guest.

After the alleged assault, the woman returned to her dormitory and was caught on CCTV wearing only one shoe, according to the Daily Telegraph. Perrottet was following closely behind, and was later confronted by friends of the woman, who asked him to leave.

The Australian Associated Press reported that one friend rushed to the alleged victim's room and found her leaning against the bed, sobbing.

"She was really distressed. I was telling her that we needed to go to (Royal Prince Alfred hospital) and trying to comfort her," the witness claimed.

"She was crying a lot and she kept saying that she was really embarrassed."

Evidence submitted to NSW District Court showed a number of injuries to the woman's back, including bruising and red marks. The defendant's barrister, Alissa Moen, suggested the woman had asked her friends to inflict the wounds on her, which she denied.

The trial continues.

Sexual assault remains a problem at universities

The case is just one of a number of sexual assault scandals that have rocked Australian universities in recent years.

Campaign group End Rape on Campus recently called on universities to provide support to students who may be affected by the upcoming publication of findings from an Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) sexual assault survey.

The AHRC examined more than 39,000 responses to a Roy Morgan Research poll relating to sexual assault and harassment across 39 universities. As a result, the commission intends to produce a number of recommendations for academic institutions to better handle these incidents.

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