NSW traffic accidents kill one, injure several

Date: Feb 06, 2014

Several car accident injuries and one fatality have been reported around New South Wales in the past few days, putting more pressure on safety regulators to make the roads safer for all the state's motorists.

One man was killed in a crash in Colyton on February 5, which authorities say involved one car and two large trucks. First responders were called to Roper Road, where investigators have found that the 33-year-old man who was killed was driving his Kia Cerato when he was involved in the crash with an Iveco Prime Mover.

The Kia then went on to crash into a truck that was travelling in the opposite direction. Emergency responders attempted to transfer the man to a local hospital, but he died on the way. The remaining two drivers did not suffer any car accident injuries, but were still brought to the hospital for mandatory sobriety testing.

Another head-on collision made headlines on February 5 when first responders were called to an accident on the M1, in which one car was reportedly travelling on the wrong side of the road. Upon arrival, investigators found that two of the cars had collided with each other, and four people in total had to be taken to the hospital.

One man remains in critical condition in Gosford Hospital.

The driver in the second vehicle had to be rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital after medical personnel found she broke both of her legs in the crash.

Wet weather both a cause and a saviour

In one particular accident on February 4, Sydney's rainy weather may have contributed to a car accident, but it also could have saved many people's lives.

Reports show that during the storm, a 90-year-old man lost control of his vehicle and crashed on to the usually packed Bondi Beach. Lifeguards at the beach said that if it had been a sunny day, there would have been dozens of beachgoers who may have been hit by the car.

"We were very lucky the weather is so bad down here," Lifeguard Adriel Young told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"If it was yesterday, we would have had thousands of people sun-baking on the sand, on the grass area where he would have gone through and in the cafes. We sort of dodged a bullet."

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