NSW students exposed to asbestos in the playground, could make asbestos claims

Date: Mar 05, 2014

A school in south-west Sydney has been forced to fence off sections of its playground after traces of asbestos were found earlier this week.

If the more than 230 students who attend the Muslim school have been exposed to the deadly material for too long, they risk developing conditions such as mesothelioma and asbestosis when they grow up.

The Australian reported on March 1 that Bellfield College had been combed for asbestos by the Environmental Protection Agency, which found evidence of the cancer-causing substance in landfill near the oval and playground areas of the school.

Bellfield College’s principal, Sam Cannavo, resigned at the end of 2013 because he thought students “had been put at risk by landfill that allegedly contained asbestos”, states The Australian.

This is the most recent in a long list of New South Wales that have been impacted by asbestos. In September 2013, for example, a school was put on “partial lockdown” in the city of Newcastle after a student uncovered a piece of fibro in the grounds.

ABC News revealed that more asbestos was soon found, leading to the closure of most of the school’s grounds. These had to be “levelled, covered with geo-tech fabric and returfed” before they were deemed safe for students to begin using them again.

A few months earlier, in June, a massive clean-up operation was required near a school in Belmore, where around 100 kilograms of asbestos had been dumped by a truck driver at some point during the night. According to ABC News, it took workers two hours to hose the contaminated material down before they were able to remove it.

In fact, there has been so many of these incidents that the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities has set up a “Schools Asbestos Register”.

Making asbestos claims on behalf of family members

While, ordinarily, it’s the person who has been exposed to asbestos and developed mesothelioma or asbestosis who files a claim for injury compensation, there are instances were that person’s family members are eligible to make a claim on their behalf.

If, for example, one of your family members dies as a result of an asbestos-related condition, and the cause of this condition can be traced back to their employer or the manufacturer of the asbestos failing in their duty of care, you might eligible for compensation through their estate. You may receive a lump sum or weekly payments if your case is successful.

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