NSW removes excess speed cameras from operation

Date: Oct 17, 2014

For many years, speed cameras have been an integral part of reducing car accidents and increasing road safety worldwide.

However, the NSW government has continued to battle against the tide and has announced the removal of 10 more speed cameras over the coming weeks.

In opposition, the current government pledged to remove any camera that didn’t provide adequate safety outcomes and wasn’t benefiting the community. Already, 34 cameras have been taken down with more planned to be ripped out in the future.

Cameras in Macquarie Park, Wentworthville, West Gosford and Botany were among the 10 shortlisted by the government.

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay helped to remove the first camera and explained the process at each location. He said authorities would display additional signage, markings and barriers to ensure the safety risk isn’t increased when the camera is no longer present.

Speed camera audits

This decision coincides with the NSW government’s release of the latest Speed Camera Performance Review that audits every location to ensure it is still required.

Mr Gay explained that the audit revealed many speed cameras are contributing positively to the community.

“This year’s annual audit has delivered significant results, finding that fixed speed cameras have saved 53 lives and prevented 919 people from being injured in the last five years,” he stated.

“We’ve recorded a 90 per cent drop in deaths and a 40 per cent drop in injuries at these sites.”

The audit has also uncovered a number of speed camera locations including Berkshire Park, the Great Western Highway and Richmond Road where further investigation is required. If these cameras are found not to be saving lives, it is likely they will be removed.

Speed cameras are often seen as a revenue-gathering opportunity by the general public, so any that aren’t benefiting drivers are simply collecting funds. However, Mr Gay revealed that any fines collected by speed cameras are reinvested into other road projects.

“As part of another first for NSW, we direct 100 per cent of fines to the NSW Community Road Safety Fund to pay for road safety initiatives such as the rollout of flashing lights,” he said.

NSW injury compensation

If you or a member of your family is injured in a car accident with a speeding driver, you could be eligible for compensation. Remember to log the incident with police and record any relevant details that will be useful for any possible legal action.

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