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NSW ‘reality TV’ to tackle car accident injuries and deaths

Road safety reality TV is set to help drivers on NSW roads avoid car accident injuries and deaths by recording the behaviour of people behind the wheel.

Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety will invite motorists from across the state to have cameras and sensors installed in their vehicles for a four-month period. Approximately 360 people are expected to take part, with the technology designed to capture their every move.

John Wall, Transport for NSW manager of road safety technology, said his organisation is working closely with the University of NSW and other institutions to deliver the campaign.

“Step aside Big Brother and MasterChef – road safety reality television is here and we need NSW drivers to get involved,” he stated.

“The idea is to give road safety researchers a better understanding of driver behaviour, how people interact with their vehicle, the road environment and other road users. Importantly, it will provide crucial information on what happens before, during and after a crash or near miss.”

According to Mr Wall, the insights gained from the research will enable road safety specialists to better understand a range of causative factors in car accidents. He said it was particularly important for gauging behaviours that are usually tricky to track, including tiredness and driver distraction.

Injury compensation in NSW

If you are involved in a car accident in NSW, you may be entitled to injury compensation, even in circumstances where you’re partly to blame for the crash. Pedestrians, passengers and other road users are also eligible to make a claim when involved in an accident.

University of NSW Study Leader Professor Raphael Grzebieta said innovative studies are a key way of preventing such incidents, as they support expert analysis and facilitate the development of crash-avoidance technology.

“For the first time, we’ll be able to watch hundreds of drivers, and see from their perspective what is happening in and around their vehicle and how this influences their decisions,” he commented.
“Ultimately, this knowledge will help us to make the roads safer for you and your family.”

Mr Wall said the state’s drivers are “passionate” regarding road safety, and Transport for NSW is keen to work closely with members of the community to ensure a reduction in serious accidents.

The data collected during the initiative will be compared with similar figures from the US, China, Canada, Japan and European nations to guide infrastructure and law changes, as well as build education campaigns.

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