NSW Police ramp up car safety operation as Christmas approaches

Date: Dec 19, 2017

Police officers across the state are on high alert for dangerous driving as Christmas and New Year approach.

NSW Police launched Operation Safe Arrival on Friday December 15 and will continue to run the initiative until New Year’s Day.

Officers are specifically on the lookout for speeding, drink and drug driving, mobile phone use and failing to wear seatbelts. Any drivers caught contravening road rules will face double demerit points for the duration of the initiative.

Officers dismayed at fatalities

Unfortunately, just two days into the operation, three people died in single-car accidents in the state, with two women and a man involved in crashes near North St Marys, Griffith and Yeovil.

“That is a staggering number of wives, husbands, sons or daughters that won’t be returning home this festive season,” said Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command.

So far, Operation Safe Arrival has resulted in more than 2,045 infringements, with 1,742 people stopped for speeding and 50 motorists charged with drink driving.

Nevertheless, 80 major crashes had occurred and four people lost their lives in accidents by 2pm on Sunday December 17.

Drink drivers caught in the Hunter region

Operation Safe Arrival is not the only police initiative targeting the state’s dangerous drivers this December.

Between Friday December 7 and Sunday December 10, police forces across the Hunter region and surrounding areas launched simultaneous drink-driving schemes to target over-the-limit motorists.

During the three-day operation, 42 people were charged with drink driving, with one individual leading officers on a car chase.

“Drivers who choose to drink and drive are not only putting themselves at risk of being killed on the road, they are putting innocent road users’ lives at risk,” stated Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Acting Superintendent Robert Toynton.

Staying safe this Christmas

Alcohol consumption is a factor in approximately one in five car accident fatalities in the state, according to Transport for NSW.

With the festive season fast approaching, drivers should be even more careful of the risks of overindulging during Christmas and New Year.

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