NSW Police launch strike force to investigate disgraced doctor further

Date: Jul 05, 2019

Here at Gerard Malouf & Partners, we've reported on the highly publicised case of a NSW gynecologist as the case has unfolded in the media. In recent months, the case has taken another turn as police have now launched a strike force to investigate the man further.

Background of the gynecologist

On June 18, 2018, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission issued a press release detailing a complaint brought against the former gynecologist. Here, it alleged that the practitioner was guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct, more specifically in relation to the management of seven patients over a three-year period.

The complaint comprised of allegations that the man failed to obtain informed consent, was poor in his record keeping and, more seriously, needlessly removed women's reproductive organs and performed unnecessary surgeries on his patients.

He was found guilty of professional misconduct, and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal said that if he wasn't already de-registered, it would have canceled his licence.

Events that followed

Following the Tribunal's findings, experts discovered that complaints were not handled very well by state regulatory bodies. When undertaking an assessment on the man, the hospital that headed the complaint asked for the practitioner's history. The board refused, stating they would need the gynecologist's consent to do so. This response angered medical experts, leading them to question the legislation which restricted information sharing between regulatory bodies.

Most recent developments

While legislation amendments are still in discussion, the case has taken a shocking turn in recent months. As previously mentioned, the NSW police have launched a strike force investigation. This comes on the back of the previous NSW government inquiry that originally analysed the complaints. While this uncovered that the practitioner was guilty, only the police can determine if his actions were potentially criminal, and if there is enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation.

Matters are still ongoing, but such investigations should give the victims more closure and bring justice for their trauma.

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