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NSW motorists to get even better traffic incident info

Staying alert to traffic conditions is an important aspect of driving behaviour which can help to promote road safety.

That’s because being aware in general is good practice for all road users.

Whether that means observing other vehicles closely so that you are prepared for any sudden changes in their motion or knowing in advance what the roads will be like on your way to work, awareness makes you more prepared.

That’s the guiding principle behind the NSW government’s Live Traffic NSW app for iPhone and iPad.

This free application provides users with live information about traffic on the state’s roads, and a new version has just been released.

NSW roads minister Duncan Gay said that the new version of the app – currently available for Apple devices and soon to be released for Android – gives users personalised alerts about road incidents.

This includes the ability to save favourite travel routes and set up push notifications to alert you when there are incidents on them.

For instance, users could set up a commuting route on their phone and get alerts before they set out each morning for work, announcing any accidents or traffic snarl ups that they might like to avoid.

“These apps are great tools for planning a trip but remember it’s illegal to use your phone while driving so anyone who wants to use them will have to agree to a road safety pledge before being able to access them,” said Mr Gay in a statement.

The minister said that more than 355,000 customers had already downloaded the app for Apple devices. This number spiked significantly during the recent flooding events in the state.

For drivers heading out on the roads during extreme weather, being aware of dangerous hazards on their journey is a big plus.

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