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NSW motorists reminded to slow down in school zones

When children are injured on NSW roads as a result of an accident, they can receive car accident compensation for their medical expenses even if they are to blame for the incident.

If they aren’t at fault, however, it may be possible for their parents to seek further injury compensation for things such as permanent impairment, pain and suffering, and future economic loss.

Where they can often be most at risk is as pedestrians – their vulnerability coming from their small size, often unpredictable movements and their inexperience at traversing busy roads and predicting the behaviour of motorists.

Keeping young pedestrians safe is important at any time of the year, but even more so when school restarts after a break and the roads and footpaths become even more congested.

Transport for NSW has reminded motorists to take extra care in school zones from today onwards (July 15) as students head back to school after the holidays.

Marg Prendergast, Centre for Road Safety general manager, says that 40km/h school zones will be back in effect to boost safety protection for kids heading to and from school.

Zones will be distinguished clearly by road markings and signs so that drivers will know when they are entering one.

Ms Prendergast says that with school back in session, it is important that all motorists are aware of the presence of younger pedestrians, even on the first day of term.

“Although tomorrow is a pupil-free day for many NSW public schools, this may not be the case for the state’s many independent schools, so drivers should slow down and remain vigilant at all times,” she said in a July 14 statement.

School zones normally operate from 08:00-09:30 in the morning and 14:30-16:00 in the afternoon, though in the case of schools that have different operating hours, flashing lights and orange school zone signs will make it clear to motorists that the reduced speed limit is in effect.

Ms Prendergast also reminded drivers that they were obligated to stop when crossing supervisors held up the ‘STOP Children Crossing’ sign, and may only proceed when they indicate it is safe to do so.

“School zones and crossing supervisors improve road safety and the safety of children, who are our most vulnerable and inexperienced road users.”

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