NSW makes an effort to stop car accident injuries by upgrading the Bells Line of Road

Date: Feb 24, 2014

One of New South Wales’ most dangerous roads will benefit from a multi-million dollar upgrade to stop drivers from suffering car accident injuries.

The Bells Line of Road, which connects Sydney to western New South Wales via the Blue Mountains, is a popular tourist route. However, it’s also notorious for taking the lives of unlucky motorists.

In January, for example, ABC News reported a four-wheel drive with a trailer in-tow had lost control on the Bells Line of Road at around 11.30 p.m. The vehicle rolled a number of times and its driver was found dead at the scene. A 16-year-old passenger survived and was taken to Nepean Hospital for a car accident injury he received.

These people are not the first who have been killed or hurt on the Bells Line of Road. In an effort to make them the last, however, the New South Wales government has committed $48 million to see the Bells Line of Road upgraded.

A number of construction projects will take place under the Bells Line of Road Corridor Improvement Program. These include:

– Seven overtaking lanes between Kurrajong Heights and Mount Tomah, as well as “shoulder widening works” to make it safer for drivers to pull over.

– New safety barriers and rest areas.

– Extended turning lanes and adjustments to intersections and driveways that have been identified as particularly hazardous.

– A better landscape design and “local environmental improvements”.

– Improved drainage and slope stability.

Acting Premier of New South Wales Andrew Stoner explained the Bells Line of Road Corridor Improvement Program would “improve the vital road connection over the Great Dividing Range, making the road safer and easier for farmers in the Central West to get their produce to market in Sydney”.

On Thursday (February 20), Mr Stoner announced the first of what is going to be many construction projects had gotten underway. This will involve the construction of a one-kilometre eastbound overtaking lane on the stretch of the Bells Line of Road west of Kurrajong Heights.

Roads and Maritime Services has promised to alert local residents as to when and where construction projects will be taking place over the course of the Bells Line of Road Corridor Improvement Program.

Such construction projects are absolutely vital as New South Wales’ road toll continues to rise. It’s currently at 62 for 2014, according to Transport for New South Wales – 16 ahead of this time last year.

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