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NSW drivers warned of wet weather

The likelihood of being involved in a car accident is set to rise over the next few days, as the state prepares for a period of wet weather.

NSW Police warned motorists to be extra careful this week to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users if weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, commander of the force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, provided drivers with a number of tips to prevent accidents.

“We are reminding people that they must drive to the conditions by increasing stoppage distances and reducing speeds in wet conditions and when vision is reduced,” he explained.

“While the vast majority [of] people using our roads do so safely and responsibly, with wet weather predicted over the next few days, drivers have to be more vigilant.”

Operation Safe Arrival reaches Day 10

Yesterday (December 29) marked the tenth day in NSW Police’s Operation Safe Arrival initiative, which is targeting reckless driver behaviour across the state.

During the day, officers caught 807 people speeding – 43 more than within the same 24-hour period in 2013. However, there was a significant drop in the number of drink drivers stopped, with only 34 out of 43,397 individuals exceeding the alcohol limit.

The previous day, only 21 drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol, with more than 52,400 tested. This was an 80 per cent reduction on the previous year.

Despite the improvements, Mr Hartley condemned any motorists who threaten the safety of other road users.

“It beggars belief that some of those arrested yesterday (December 27) are still alive. Their antics are absolutely deplorable.”

Reckless drivers

NSW Police highlighted a number of examples of dangerous behaviour over the last few days, including a 19-year-old man who was caught travelling at 125 km per hour (km/h) in a 110 km/h zone.

Officers found he was also driving using a disqualified P1 provisional licence. He was issued with both a speeding infringement notice and a field court attendance notice.

The owner of a 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia had his licence suspended on the spot after he was pulled over for travelling at 120 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

According to NSW Police, the car had been bought within the last couple of days from another driver who had also been caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 km/h on Tuesday (December 23).

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