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NSW drivers urged to exercise caution during extreme weather

Most of us are aware that we face many risks by simply hopping in our cars and leaving our driveways.

The combination of speed, busy roads and human fallibility means we all have to be vigilant in ensuring we drive safely and avoid accidents.

Yet as if the potential for accidents on a sunny day wasn’t enough, as soon as wet weather comes along, the risk is multiplied.

Wet roads mean that vehicles can lose control more easily, with what might have been close calls in dry weather instead resulting in collisions and catastrophic injury.

Recent extreme weather conditions across New South Wales have provided yet another reminder of the need to exercise extreme caution when out on the roads.

NSW Police conducted a three-day operation starting on Thursday (February 21) during which over 100,000 driver breath tests were conducted, resulting in 139 motorists charged with drink driving.

Yet according to Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander assistant commissioner John Hartley, it was the failure of drivers to adapt to the conditions which left police shocked.

“The weather we’re experiencing across the state is extreme and unpredictable and it is the worst time for drivers to let their guard down,” Mr Hartley said in a statement issued February 24.
NSW Police report that nine people died as a result of accidents on the state’s roads in a 72 hour period.

“While each of these crashes remains under investigation, this terrible road toll should serve as a reminder to motorists to take extra care especially during these horrible weather conditions,” said Mr Hartley.

The assistant commissioner advised drivers not to drive into flooded waters, even if they thought they could make it through.

With so much water on the roads it will also be important for motorists to adjust their speed accordingly, so that they stay in control of their vehicles.

Once a vehicle’s tyres start to hydroplane, any other vehicles and passengers in the vicinity are immediately at risk of being impacted.

Drivers, passengers or other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists that are injured as a result of a road accident that was not their fault – or only partly their fault – could well be entitled to car accident compensation.

If you are unsure about your eligibility a specialist car accident law firm can help you navigate the complicated process of seeking compensation.


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