NSW drivers urged to be safe over Easter weekend

Date: Mar 28, 2013

Easter weekend is nearly upon us and those gearing up for a trip away over the next few days have been urged to take care on NSW roads.

That’s the message from Centre for Road Safety general manager Marg Prendergast, who said that traffic was expected to increase significantly on all major routes, particularly those leading into and out of Sydney.

Drivers have been reminded not to rush and to observe the speed limit at all times. With many expected to take to the roads tomorrow and during the weekend, that could cause congestion and impatience among motorists.

Ms Prendergast said that drivers should follow any advance directions given about possible delays and traffic conditions further ahead on their route, and always to drive to the conditions.

She said that it was a good idea to check the Live Traffic NSW website before commencing a journey.

Motorists have also been urged specifically to take care not to drive while fatigued.

“When driving on any long journey it is important to take plenty of breaks. Don’t set out if you are already tired and avoid driving when you would normally be sleeping. Look out for the early warning signs of driver fatigue,” Ms Prendergast said in a statement yesterday (March 27).

Double demerit points will be given from midnight last night (March 27) until midnight on Monday (April 1), for all speeding, seat belt and motorcycle helmet offences.

Another hazard which drivers need to be aware of is that posed by vehicles that are stationary on the roads, either due to mechanical failure or other reasons.

“Not all breakdowns happen in a breakdown lane, however we see people using breakdown lanes to make social mobile phone calls, resting or attending to children.”

Ms Prendergast says that drivers should slow down when they see a breakdown, but also only use breakdown lanes in the case of an emergency.

The dangers of getting out of a stationary car on the side of the road are only multiplied in a higher speed environment like a major highway.

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