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NSW drivers need to brush up on their road rules: AAMI

The latest data from AAMI, a national car insurance provider, suggests that some NSW drivers may need to brush up on their road rules – especially when it comes to giving way.

According to the 2012 AAMI Crash Index, motorists from NSW often fail to give way, causing them to be involved in more accidents than drivers from any other state in Australia.

The Index analysed 275,000 accident claims from the period commencing July 2011 and ending June 2012.

AAMI looked at both national claims and state claims, and found that in two categories NSW scored slightly higher than the national average – however, this is not a good thing.

In NSW, the most common crash is a nose-to-tail (30.4 per cent), compared to 28.1 per cent nationally.

Failure to give way was second, at 23.2 per cent in NSW and 20.2 per cent across all of Australia.

The final three in the top five were at a similar level both state-wide and nation-wide, and were (in order): parked car dings, collision with a stationary object and collision while reversing.

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison said that these results suggest that drivers – both in NSW and all around the country – need to brush up on their road rules and learn from the mistakes of others.

“We are making the same mistakes on the road year after year, with nose-to-tail accidents the number one type of smash on the road in 2012, just as they were ten years ago,” Mr Aitchison said in a statement issued September 19.

He went on to say that perhaps the high amount of nose-to-tail accidents in NSW are due to the large population.

However, Mr Aitchison was not very forgiving when it came to the number of failure to give way crashes.

“It is a point of shame that NSW drivers have more accidents than any other state because either they can’t judge safe distances, or decide it’s worth risking their and other road users’ safety by trying to sneak in front of another car just to save a few seconds,” he said.

The AAMI results only enforce the necessity to pay attention on the roads to minimise the risk of crash and help you and your fellow motorists stay safe.

If you are ever in an accident where the other driver has been negligent or failed to follow the road rules properly, then you may be eligible for compensation.

Visit your local car accident law firm today and ask how a lawyer can help you make a claim.

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