NSW drivers’ excessive speeding amazes police during crackdown

Date: May 01, 2013

A five-day operation by NSW police, which came to an end at midnight on Sunday April 28, has seen many drivers receive big fines and several dozen lose their licence for six months.

Operation Go-Slow coincided with school holidays and ANZAC day this year and saw police cracking down on speeding along NSW roads.

In total, 43 drivers were caught travelling more than 45 km/h faster than the speed limit.

The standard penalty for this level of excessive speeding is a $2,154 fine and six months’ loss of licence, with the additional possibility of the vehicle’s number plates being confiscated for three months.

NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol command detective superintendent Stuart Smith said police were surprised at the behaviour they witnessed on the roads.

“It amazes me that we caught 43 drivers speeding by more than 45 km/h during the five-day operation,” said Mr Smith.

Of the 43 offending drivers, 39 were men and 36 were under 40 years of age, according to NSW police.

“Those drivers are obviously not thinking about their life, their passengers’ lives, or the lives of other road users,” stated Mr Stuart.

“Speeding is the biggest killer on our roads and a factor in approximately 40 per cent of road deaths in our state.”

According to NSW government figures for 2011, crashes which involved speeding accounted for 41 per cent of all fatal road accidents and 17 per cent of all road crashes.

In total there were 137 fatal crashes where speed was a factor, with 152 people dying as a result.

There were also 3,393 crashes which resulted in car accident injury (4,664 injured).

That means that in 2011, there were nearly 5,000 people killed or injured in crashes on NSW roads where at least one of the vehicles was speeding.

During Operation Go-Slow, a total of 4,187 drivers were charged with speeding and 6,410 drivers were issued an infringement notice for other offences.

Over the course of its five days, there were 741 major crashes across NSW, with 263 people injured.

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