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NSW drivers caught driving in ‘dangerously reckless manner’ over weekend

Several incidents of excessive speed offences over the weekend have resulted in fines, number plates seized and licences suspended for offending NSW motorists.

NSW Police reported that among those caught speeding were three P-platers.

One was caught travelling at 151 km/h on M4 at Silverwater, another was allegedly travelling at 158 km/h on Mount Ousley Road, Mount Ousley, and a third was caught driving at 154 km/h on Federal Highway in Bywong.

“Exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 km/h poses a major risk to the speeding vehicle’s passengers as well as other road users,” said operations commander of the NSW Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol superintendent Stuart Smith.

“It is absolutely inexcusable to behave in such a dangerously reckless manner, especially a P-plater with limited driving experience.”

Each of the three drivers was fined $2,154 and had their driver’s licence suspended immediately.

“We are committed to getting speeding drivers off NSW roads and will not hesitate to suspend the licence and seize the number plates of anyone who treats the roadway as their own personal racetrack,” he said.

It seems that these things come in threes, with NSW Police also reporting that a similar number of truck drivers were caught speeding last Friday.

A B-double truck was caught doing 123 km/h on the Hume Highway at Kyeamba, a prime mover truck was detected allegedly travelling at 121 km/h on the same roadway at Jugiong, and a B-double prime mover was detected at 120 km/h on the Newell Highway in Warkton.

The state-wide truck speed limit is 100 km/h, and superintendent Smith says just one speeding truck could cause a “shocking tragedy”.

“Heavy vehicles make up only three per cent of vehicle registrations and seven per cent of kilometres travelled by NSW vehicles, however they are involved in almost 20 per cent of road fatalities,” said Mr Smith.

“We cannot and will not tolerate speeding on NSW roads, especially not by heavy vehicles.”

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