NSW businesses must review safety procedures

Date: Jul 11, 2011

Businesses in New South Wales have been advised to review their safety procedures following a series of serious workplace incidents across the state.

Within a 24-hour period in the last week of June, separate workplace incidents saw three individuals suffer serious injuries, while a truck driver was killed.

One male worker is thought to have fallen from a height of 2.5 metres while fitting a tarp to a skip bin at a Mortdale waste recycling centre. The man, who suffered head and spinal injuries as a result of the fall, was transferred to St George Hospital, WorkCover NSW reported.

A further two workers at Parkes were inside a tank when a light reportedly short-circuited. Fumes inside the tank were ignited and both men suffered serious injuries.

North of Goulburn, it is thought that a truck driver was working to adjust the brakes on the prime mover when they became locked. When he pulled over on a crest, the breaks released and he was struck by his own vehicle and killed at the scene.

John Watson, WorkCover's general manager of the work health and safety division, remarked that the June injuries are a "chilling reminder" for all state employers to prioritise safety.

"The serious injury or death of a loved one in a workplace incident can have a devastating effect on friends, families and colleagues," he said.

Watson added that WorkCover's main objective is to ensure all workers return home safely at the end of each day and it is responsible for businesses – particularly where employees are operating vehicles, working in confined spaces or carrying out a job from a considerable height to take matters into their own hands.

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