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NSW authorities focus on pedestrian safety

As Australia moves closer to summer, more and more people will be in and around Sydney. While this is a positive trend for local businesses, it also increases the danger of vehicle and pedestrian interaction.

As pedestrians come off second best from these experiences, it is very concerning to note the higher rate of these serious accidents in NSW this year. 

Pedestrian fatalities on the rise

Acting Executive Director Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon explained that pedestrian fatalities are 50 per cent up compared to October 2014.Mr Carlon noted that it is the motorist's responsibility to slow down and be safe around pedestrians. 

"As the weather warms up we'll also have many more people outside enjoying the sun, so if you're behind the wheel, be extra careful around high pedestrian areas like shopping centres, restaurants and clubs," he said.

"Drivers, please remember to slow down and keep an eye out for pedestrians, because they come off second best in crash."

Sydney is currently moving through a number of transport changes that could increase vehicle-pedestrian encounters. This week, new bus stops and different routes begin so more people could be unaware of their surroundings. Mr Carlon went on to state that pedestrians also need to play their part in road safety.

Of course, on top of this, the multiple infrastructure improvements and associated road changes impact on where vehicles can go.

Message not sinking in

Over this long weekend, NSW Police are conducting Operation Slowdown. However authorities have so far been disappointed with the high amount of drivers putting themselves and others at risk.

While nobody has died on the roads so far, police have issued 2,733 speeding infringements and 46 drink-driving charges – highlighting why such a heavy focus is needed.

"So far this long weekend we have seen far too many people take the unnecessary and irresponsible step of drinking and driving," Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said.

NSW car accident compensation

If you are involved in an accident with a pedestrian in NSW and suffer an injury, you could be eligible for compensation. The motor accident compensation scheme extends to most motorists, including drivers and pedestrians.

It is important to contact a car accident compensation lawyer as soon as you are well enough. They can offer advice about your possible claim and discuss the circumstances around the accident.

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