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NSW allows P-platers more vehicle options

Over recent years, car manufacturers have developed super charged vehicles which aren’t all about speed and risk. New technology and innovation has allowed these vehicles to become safer for all motorists on state roads.

As a result of this, Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay has lifted some of the restrictions placed on what cars P-platers can drive.

Together with the Federal government and Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Ministry has analysed what changes have been made to particular vehicles and will allow P-platers to drive 6,500 more cars from August.

“These days, for many vehicles in this category it is about fuel efficiency not speed and acceleration, so it was appropriate we revisit the ban in light of the fact many of these vehicles are low performance with modern, effective safety features,” Minister Gay explained.

“For families with a car which may have been previously off limits to young drivers, these reforms mean P-platers no longer need to carry an exemption when driving the family vehicle.”

According to Transport for NSW data, 38 drivers under 20 have been involved in a fatal accident so far in 2014. This is 30 per cent down on the 2011-2013 average. There have also been fewer car accidents and whiplash injuries caused by P-platers across the state.

A total of 7,500 vehicles will stay off limits for young drivers, including the 2007 Subaru WRX. Despite coming in under the power-to-mass 130 kilowatts per tonne limit, at 123, the vehicle can get to 100km/h in less than six seconds.

The Centre of Road Safety has set up a resource of their website so parents and P-platers can investigate what vehicles will be legal to drive and which ones are still banned.

“Sourcing data for vehicles manufactured before 1 January 2010 has required a lot of work, but we wanted to do this before the new rules came into force, to deliver a better, fairer and simpler scheme to young drivers across the state,” Minister Gay said.

NSW car accident compensation

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