NRMA Motoring & Services calls for a crackdown on drink drivers

Date: Dec 17, 2012

NRMA Insurance – Motoring & Services – is calling for authorities to crackdown on drink drivers, especially repeat offenders.

According to NRMA Motoring & Services president Wendy Machin, 17 per cent of drink drivers reoffend – a figure which is unacceptable.

“If someone is dragged before a judge for drink driving and then does it again they don’t belong on our roads,” Ms Machin said in a statement.

NRMA has released a ‘Three-Point Plan to Tackle Bad Drivers’ which urges the NSW government to make a number of legislative changes, including requiring repeat drink drivers to re-sit their full licences and install alcohol interlocks in their vehicles for 12 months.

In addition they want to see drivers who have accumulated their allotted demerit points in two to five years resit their learners licence and also take educational tests.

“The NRMA holds the view that if we’re going to reduce the rising road toll we need to tackle three core areas – safer roads, safer cars and safer drivers,” Ms Machin said.

“If you accumulate 26 points in five years, simply handing back a licence once the suspension period is over is not good enough – that’s why we want the government to force these drivers to re-sit their knowledge test and complete an education course.”

The NRMA released this new three-point plan just in time for Christmas, which is always a dangerous time of year on the roads.

The road toll for 2012 is expected to be higher than it was in 2011, something that Ms Machin calls “unacceptable”. The NRMA will be handing out flyers containing educational information over the next few weeks to try and remind motorists to stay safe and cautious when driving.

Unfortunately, fatal car accidents are more prevalent during the festive season, a reminder for people to exercise extra caution. If you or a family member are ever involved in an incident, then you may like to know that there are lawyers in Sydney who can help you make a claim for compensation.

Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber said that too many people lose a loved one over Christmas.

“Every year some families go without a parent, child, sibling, grandparent at Christmas time because they were killed by an unsafe driver in the lead up to the silly season,” Mr Weber said, who supports the NRMA three-point plan.

“These are serious offences and a slap on the wrist is not good enough. Those who break the law and put others at risk should not be on the road, and if implemented this three-point plan will help save lives.”

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