New ten year road safety strategy for NSW

Date: Mar 27, 2013

A new ten-year plan to reduce fatal car accidents and serious injury on NSW roads has been announced today (March 27).

According to the NSW government, the NSW Road Safety Strategy will aim to reduce the number of road deaths by more than 120 fatalities a year.

That is roughly one third of the 364 people killed in road crashes in NSW during 2011.

The strategy will also seek to address the high numbers of injuries sustained in road accidents – more than 26,000 were injured in 2011 alone. That was an increase of over 1,700 on 2010.

A range of methods will be used to effect the desired change, including a focus on the role engineering can play in enhancing road safety and the development of more effective campaigns to deal with fatigue and speeding.

The government will improve its analysis of serious injury statistics from road crashes. This will help it to develop a better method for addressing the causes of this road trauma.

Centre for Road Safety general manager Marg Prendergast says that the new strategy will prioritise results rather than “pie in the sky dreams”.

“The 2021 goal is achievable with investment in programs to improve behaviour, curtail speeding, promote safer vehicles and with money spent on the right safety upgrade projects to specifically target problem areas,” said Ms Prendergast in a statement.

The strategy has been jointly developed by the NSW Centre for Road Safety, NSW police and other stakeholders, building on feedback from many community groups.

“We will also be targeting heavy vehicle safety, encouraging people to purchase safer new and used vehicles and increasing pedestrian and motorcycle safety, which have contributed to the higher road toll last year,” said Ms Prendergast.

Road accidents continue to be the biggest cause of death for those aged under 44 years in NSW, according to the government.

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