New rest area to help long-haul drivers

Date: Oct 05, 2016

An under-construction heavy vehicle rest area has moved into a new phase. The $8.1 million project aims to ensure long-haul drivers have the rest they need to work safely.

Due to the size and nature of trucks, they can cause serious damage to cars and drivers. If you have been injured, accident compensation can help cover medical and other costs.

Work continues on rest area

Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast Gareth Ward recently advised local motorists to be aware that traffic conditions have changed as a result of the Mount Ousley Heavy Vehicle Rest Area upgrade.

The project is expected to deliver significant upgrades to the current informal rest area. With the addition of more parking spots, new facilities and better access points, the project is expected to pay dividends.

While the informal rest area offered drivers some benefits, the upgrades should do more to persuade long haul and other drivers to pull over and take a break. It also gives motorists a tangible point on the map to help them plan rest breaks.

Road safety can be dramatically improved if Australian drivers are awake and alert to threats on the road. However, if you have been injured due to another driver’s tiredness, you can seek compensation to cover your medical bills.

Car accidents can lead to compensation

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The scheme also covers passengers who have been injured in a car accident. It can also be used by cyclists, pedestrians and pillion passengers on motorbikes.

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