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New online cycle safety platform launched

A new online platform which promotes cycle safety has been launched in a bid to help public and private organisations throughout Australia deliver effective rider safety campaigns.

Cycle Safe Communities is a joint initiative of the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) and, VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission.

It is a platform which provides community groups, clubs, businesses, councils and governments with consistent cycle safety messages that can be expanded and developed to include other resources.

The ultimate aim is to reduce the rate of occurrence of bicycle accidents so that there are zero bike related fatalities.

By spreading consistent messages about cycle safety throughout Australian communities, it is hoped that safe cycling will be on all road users’ minds.

One such message is ‘A Metre Matters’. This is a campaign targeted at vehicles sharing the road with cyclists – cars, trucks and buses.

It aims to encourage safe overtaking of cyclists by spreading the message that there needs to be at least one metre between vehicles and the bike rider when passing by them on the road.

AGF chief executive officer Tracey Gaudry says that campaigns like ‘A Metre Matters’ have already help to raise awareness about how drivers and cyclists can be safer together on the road.

“Cycle Safe Communities will enable organisations and community groups nationally to draw upon the foundation’s work to raise awareness about bike safety with all Australians,” said Ms Gaudry in a statement issued March 14.

The AGF is a charity with the sole purpose of reducing the rate of injury and death of bike riders in road accidents.

It sketches four main measures for improving safety for cyclists. These are widespread traffic calming, including lower speed limits in urban areas; a better cycling environment, through investment in cycle paths and better roads; changes to road rules; and improved bike and road safety education.

Ms Gaudry explained: “We need to do for bike rider safety what has been done for motoring safety since the 1970’s. Awareness, attitudes and behaviour are key contributors to improving safety for bike riders and indeed, all road users.”

Cyclists have a higher risk of being injured in road accidents, and any rider who suffers injuries as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault may be entitled to car accident compensation.

Anyone who is not sure about their entitlements can see a personal injury lawyer, who can provide expert guidance on this area of law.


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