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New NSW changes for injured workers

A number of new measures have been announced in New South Wales to help those who have been injured on the job return to the workplace

Minister for finance and services Greg Pearce announced the initiatives this week, which include several improvements to the vocational rehabilitation programs offered by WorkCover.

Mr Pearce explained it is "vital" for injured workers to have tools and resources at their disposal to allow them to rejoin the workforce as quickly as possible.

He said: "The NSW government is committed to ensuring both employers and employees are provided with incentives and assistance to ensure longer-term injured workers can re-join the workforce."

Equipment funding has been extended to include jobseeking tools – including essential items for designated professions, such as commercial kitchen knives for a cook.

A new program, the transition to work payment, allows injured workers up to $5,000 to help them overcome "significant barriers" to returning to work, including costs associated with childcare and travel.

The work trial period has also been extended, allowing for it to be continued beyond the current 12-week limit if necessary to help an individual to secure longer-term employment.

"Being injured and unable to work is an anxious time for any worker and their family and these initiatives will make a real difference to the lives of injured workers in NSW," Mr Pearce asserted.

Employers will also benefit from reforms to the WorkCover JobCover Placement Program, which may make it easier to employ a worker who has previously been injured on the job.

Wage subsidies with a new employer have increased to $27,400 over the first year, compared with $3,600 in the first 12 weeks.

At the same time, the protection period against the costs associated with an existing injury has been doubled to two years.

Anyone who has suffered an injury either on the job or while travelling to or from work may be entitled to compensation.

This can cover medical costs or rehabilitation expenses, loss of wages and legal fees, as well as potential lump sum payments in the event your injuries have permanently affected your quality of life or your ability to work.

It is essential that you speak with a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible – they can help to assess your case and determine what steps need to be taken.

When you speak to a no win no fee lawyer, you can rest assured there are no financial costs associated with your case until a successful result has been achieved.

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