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New intersection signals may prevent car accident injuries

New signalling systems are being installed across a number of busy Sydney intersections in an effort to improve pedestrian safety.

If successful, the technology could prevent car accident injuries and make the city’s roads less hazardous for those travelling on foot.

According to NSW Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay, yellow countdown timers will replace the traditional flashing red signals at six key locations in Sydney.

“The timers appear after the green signal phase and display the number of seconds pedestrians have to cross a road before the red ‘don’t walk’ signal appears,” Mr Gay explained in a November 24 press release.

“By providing time information to pedestrians, it will reduce the number of people trying to cross the road too late and risking their lives.”

He added that the changes will be particularly helpful for less mobile pedestrians, as it will enable them to make better decisions regarding the best times to cross the road.

Signalling locations

The new signalling systems will be tested for a period of two months, in which time the government will monitor pedestrian behaviour.

“It’s an exciting change for Sydney, we’re joining a long list of countries that successfully use countdown timers including in places such as New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles and New Zealand,” Mr Gay stated.

The systems will be set up at three intersections in the CBD: Pitt and Goulbourn streets, Park and Pitt streets and Elizabeth and Market streets.

Victoria Avenue and Archer Street in Chatswood will also feature the new technology, as well as Parramatta’s Campbell and Marsden streets and Parks and Station streets.

Mr Gay said the signalling system is just one element of the state government’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety. Other measures include the introduction of a 40 km/h speed limit in the CBD back in (insert month).

Car accident compensation in NSW

Pedestrians, drivers and other road users who are involved in car accidents can make a claim for compensation if they suffer an injury.

This can help with a range of financial pressures, including medical expenses and loss of earnings that could result from the injuries.

If you would like to learn more about car accident payouts, contact a specialist compensation lawyer in Sydney to see whether you are eligible.

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