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New campaign highlights injury risk around Sydney CBD train stations

Sydney’s CBD is packed daily with vehicles and pedestrians and as a result of this density, the risk of incidents occurring is high.

Busy railway stations can be focal points for both vehicular and foot traffic. That means they can also be the site of many accidents.

According to the City of Sydney, 446 people were killed or injured within close proximity to Town Hall, Central and Wynyards stations in the past five years.

To work on reducing the number of accidents in these busy walk and roadways, the City has teamed up with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on a road safety campaign aimed at reminding drivers and pedestrians to be aware of each other.

This is especially important during peak hours when commuters are rushing to get to work in the morning or back home in the evening.

Lord mayor Clover Moore says that safety needs to be the first priority at all times.

“When people are in a hurry they are tempted to cross against the lights, to dart out between parked cars, or to drive through yellow lights in their hurry to get to the office or to make their train,” said Mr Moore in a statement issued today (February 27).

The first part of the campaign – which is titled Watch Out – will target motorists as well as delivery and taxi drivers with advertisements in industry publications as well as on social media platforms.

Vehicle operators will be urged to slow down when driving in the inner city, where in 2011 alone 291 pedestrians were killed or injured.

Drivers will be asked to refrain from queuing across intersections, not to run red lights and always be ready to stop for pedestrians.

Motorists will also be reminded not to assume that pedestrians could see their vehicles, just because they themselves were in view of drivers.

Part two of the campaign – Watch Out Cars About – will feature colourful billboards highlighting the road risks for pedestrians.

“Being a few minutes late is not worth the risk of being killed or injured, or killing or injuring someone else,” added Mr Moore.

“Everyone who shares our roads has a responsibility to obey the rules and look out for each other.”

Those injured as a result of road accidents in NSW may be entitled to car accident compensation, hit run accident compensation or other types depending on the circumstances.

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