Neighbouring property destroyed after Queensland fireworks container explosion

Date: Dec 22, 2019

After a shipping containing fireworks located on private property in Bundamba, Queensland, exploded, a number of neighbouring lands were affected, with some properties being destroyed. While the fire did not spread far, luckily, dozens of residents did have to evacuate and the original home that caught fire was not saved.

Background of the blaze

The situation began as a house fire, and soon spread to a shopping container located on the same property. The homeowner noted that the situation could have been a lot worse, had the container not operated the way it was designed. He also pointed out that there were two other similar containers on the land as well that were unaffected.

The fire did not destroy any other homes, but it did claim a number of other assets, such as nearby sheds, boats, cars and other property.

Locals noted that residents have been vigilant, given wildfire season, and are on the lookout and taking precautions.

Is there any cause for public liability recourse?

There is no word on whether anyone was hurt in the blaze, but if anyone was harmed or finds themselves suffering the after-effects of smoke inhalation down the road, they may have cause for a claim against the homeowner of the house where the blaze began.

Those residents flanking the property where the fire occurred should consult with a lawyer about their options if they found themselves victims of fire damage to their assets. If their cars, boats or other belongings were destroyed in the fire, they should look into whether the homeowner had public liability cover for any reason. They may have had such an insurance policy if they ran a small business out of their home or otherwise did contract work from home. This could also be the case if this residence was used as a rental property.

There could also be a case for public liability if the homeowner recently had work done at his property that can be linked to the cause of the blaze.

While many individuals believe that public liability claims can only be lodged against accidents that happen in public places, like supermarkets or shopping malls, this can also occur at private residences under particular circumstances.

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