Nearly 20 Adelaide businesses fined by Fair Work Ombudsman

Date: Jan 09, 2013

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) fined 18 businesses in Adelaide recently, after discovering that they were in breach of workplace record keeping and pay slip laws.

Of these businesses, 13 were restaurants and five were massage shops. The FWO identified the misconduct during a surprise audit last month.

FWO inspectors investigated particular businesses following a tip off from the Chinese Students United Association (CSUA).

Members of the CSUA were concerned that international students were being underpaid and exploited by some employers.

Unfortunately, these fears turned out to be correct, with the results of the FWO audit revealing that more than 90 per cent of businesses were guilty of pay slip and record keeping breaches.

Acting FWO Bill Loizides said that the breaches were very serious, which is why all of the businesses in question were fined.

“Inspectors usually prefer to assist businesses to voluntarily rectify pay slip and record keeping issues and take no further action, but the breaches in this case were very serious,” Mr Loizides explained in a statement.

He added that he would like this case to serve as a warning to other businesses that serious breaches will not be tolerated.

“The penalties imposed will hopefully send a message that blatantly disregarding pay slip and record keeping obligations is not acceptable,” Mr Loizides asserted.

This case should also serve as a reminder to employees to understand their rights in the workplace.

If you have a strong understanding of your entitlements, then you will be able to take action if you feel you have been treated unfairly or illegally.

“All employees in Australia have basic entitlements, including the right to minimum pay and conditions,” Mr Loizides said.

“The FWO’s role is to raise awareness among employers and employees of their rights and obligations under workplace laws and to protect employees’ rights.”

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