Multi-truck accident on Hume Highway

Date: Mar 28, 2012

A collision involving a B-Double and a semi-trailer on the Hume Highway has seen one driver taken to hospital and closed the major transport route for a number of hours.

Police say that the accident occurred about five kilometres south of Marulan at around 00:45 on March 27 when a DAF heavy transport loaded with furniture rolled onto its side, spilling its contents across all three lanes.

It appears that the northbound prime mover had veered in towards the median on the highway before the driver attempted to trim its trajectory.

However, instead of pulling the truck back on course, the 41-year-old man apparently overcorrected and subsequently lost control of his vehicle before it overturned.

A Kenworth semi-trailer then ran into the back of the prone truck, colliding with the B Double's trailers and causing damage to its own cargo of refrigerated meats, which were found strewn across the highway.

The second driver – a 46-year-old man – managed to escape injury and did not require hospitalisation.

However, the victim in control of the DAF prime mover was not as lucky, being taken by road ambulance to the nearby Goulburn Base Hospital with a suspected rib fracture.

Reports indicate that a third truck may also have been involved in the crash somehow, but police have not listed it as being directly involved in the collision.

Due to the nature of the vehicles involved, specialist salvage teams were required to attend the scene to help shift the large quantities of heavy debris.

According to the Transport Management Centre, heavy towing crews needed to be called in to the site from Wagga Wagga in order to clear the damaged trailers and the prone vehicles.

In order to assist this process, the highway was closed for a number of hours while the salvage teams got to work.

Police officers maintained diversions while specialist investigators examined the scene, opening up one lane to relieve congestion after they had concluded their inspection.

While truck accident injury compensation may be able to provide the driver involved with financial support to assist his recovery, the fate of the vehicles themselves remains uncertain.

It should also be noted that in this instance all parties were extremely lucky to escape with minimal harm, as the involvement of heavy vehicles can often result in a fatal car accident.

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