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Motorbike and pedestrian accidents a problem in CBD – NSW Police

Car accidents often occur in Sydney’s CBD due to the city’s high population. However, these are not the only types of incidents that motorists should be aware of.

Pedestrian injury and motorbike accidents are also common, both of which the NSW police force is trying to crack down on.

The CBD Motorcycle Response Team (CBD MRT) just concluded Operation Franklin 5, a campaign targeting motorcyclist and pedestrian safety.

Although police are constantly on the lookout for reckless behaviour, this particular operation focused on two major CBD intersections: George Street and Bridge Street, and Erskine Street and Sussex Street.

During the one day campaign, 29 motorists were issued notices for intersection offences, 12 for pedestrian offences and a further 49 for other traffic infringements.

Superintendent Stuart Smith, the operations commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol, said that improving CBD safety was a priority for the NSW police force and that they would continue to patrol the area in the lead up to Christmas.

“We are hoping our CBD MRT operations will minimise the dangerous behaviour we witness on a daily basis,” he said in a statement.

“With Christmas fast approaching, the CBD’s roads and footpaths will get even busier and we want to ensure people get through their Christmas shopping safe and sound.”

To reiterate this important message, here are some tips for staying safe in the CBD during December – whether you are on foot, motorcycle or travelling by car.

Slow down

Speed is too often a factor in accidents, so we urge you to slow down this festive season. It can be tempting to rush around when you are busy, but saving a few minutes on your drive to the shopping centre is not worth your life!

Even if you are travelling by foot it is a good idea to take it slow, and stop and check intersections thoroughly before you attempt to cross.

Stay focused

Do you often find yourself heading to the CBD with screaming kids in the car? Or how about trying to push a pram through the car park to the shopping centre? No matter what your distraction it is important to stay focused on the task at hand.

The more alert you are, the less likely you will be taken by surprise by another vehicle or pedestrian. Don’t lose focus!

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