Most common car crash injuries affect arm and shoulders, AAMI report shows

Date: Oct 16, 2012

A recent report by AAMI has identified the most common car crash injuries, with arm and shoulders topping the list at 23 per cent.

The company analysed 15,000 compulsory third party insurance claims from New South Wales and Queensland since 2002.

Following arm and shoulder injuries came whiplash (18 per cent), skin damage such as cuts and burns (17 per cent), lower extremity such as legs, pelvis and buttocks (13 per cent) and rounding out the top five, psychological trauma (9 per cent).

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison said that these results serve as a reminder for motorists to exercise caution when behind the wheel, and be vigilant about following road rules and driving to the conditions.

“Safety features in modern cars have improved dramatically in recent times, but there is only so much they can do to protect our fragile bodies, given the enormous forces and energy released in a crash, whether a passenger or pedestrian,” Mr Aitchison said in a statement issued October 11.

“Cars can be repaired or replaced, but the damage to the human body in an accident can be catastrophic and permanent and there is not a single text message, GPS adjustment or song change that is worth causing that kind of damage to someone’s life,” he added.

Other results from the AAMI report revealed that the majority of third-party injury claims are classified as minor – 65 per cent. However that still means that 35 per cent of accidents are serious, and many people would see that as 35 per cent too many.

No matter what the size of the accident, crashes can still result in a lot of psychological trauma for the drivers involved, which Mr Aitchison says is hard to detect.

“Psychological trauma is a very real and serious problem for many people after an accident,” he said.

“People respond to trauma in many different ways, and often the psychological impacts won’t show themselves for weeks, months or even years after the accident.”

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