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More than 50 speeding tickets issued over four day police operation in Mudgee

Police officers in the New South Wales region are always looking to crack down on traffic offences that put motorists in danger on the roads.

Be it speeding, getting behind the wheel intoxicated or under the influence, or sending messages from your mobile phone while driving, anything that distracts you from the task at hand – which is paying attention to the road – is considered reckless behaviour.

To enforce laws sometimes police hold special high visibility operations that target specific areas.

These can help to not only catch out offenders but to remind everyone of the road rules as well as make law-abiding drivers feel safe and protected.

Last week police held one in the Mudgee, Gulgong and Ulan areas called Operation Tiger. Officers from both the Traffic Strike Force and the Traffic Support Group teamed together to patrol the roads between Wednesday July 18 and Saturday July 21.

The police caught 51 people speeding and issued the appropriate tickets.

Superintendent Stuart Smith said that this high number was not acceptable and emphasised that his officers would still be maintaining a high presence in these areas to do what they can to ensure that people are obeying the road rules.

“It is a concern to see so many speeding offences detected within the one area and this highlights our need for continued traffic enforcement,” he said in an official press release the day after the close of the operation, Sunday July 22.

“Traffic and Highway Patrol officers will continue to target areas with a history of speeding and crash events,” he added.

In addition to catching people going over the speed limit, police on this operation also pulled over five people not wearing their seatbelts and conducted nearly 200 random breath tests.

While some people may find the high police presence on the road frustrating or restricting, in reality officers are only there to help ensure that everyone can drive safely and get to their destinations without being involved in a fatal car accident or any other type of dangerous incident.

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