Milk truck crash near Kiama closes road, hospitalises driver

Date: Apr 10, 2012

Police were forced to close a major road near Kiama on April 10 after an accident involving a sedan and a milk truck.

Police said that the collision occurred on the Princes Highway at around 08:40 in Foxground when the northbound transport crashed head-on with the smaller car.

The accident saw the milk truck roll onto its side on the major road, while the impact damaged the front part of the sedan.

It is not known how the collision came to occur, as police have not released detailed information on the conditions surrounding and leading up to the crash.

Emergency services called to the scene of the accident had to work for around 40 minutes before they were able to free the female driver of the sedan, who was trapped in the remains of her vehicle.

She received unknown injuries in the accident and was later taken to St George Hospital by a helicopter ambulance, which landed in a field nearby while the patient received on-site attention.

The male driver of the milk truck did not sustain notable injuries in the crash, but was also taken to a medical facility to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing.

According to reports, the Roads and Maritime Services were forced to close the highway to all traffic, aiming to reopen the roads late in the afternoon.

While light traffic has been diverted through the nearby townships of Berry and Gerringong, heavy transports are not able to use these routes and have been asked to pull up at the roadside until the area is cleared for use once again.

Members of the public have been advised to avoid the area, use alternate routes or postpone travel plans, as traffic congestion is causing navigation and logistical issues.

Officers from the Crash Investigation Unit and Forensic Services Group have been called to the scene and are examining it for clues as to how the collision came to occur.

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