Melbourne’s leaky buildings provide warnings for homeowners nationwide

Date: Jan 31, 2017

In Australia, public liability claims can encompass everything from slips and falls in stores to home injuries caused by poor workmanship. In essence, any harm caused by the actions or inaction of a business can be a catalyst for these cases.

Recently, residents throughout Melbourne have been fighting for justice in a number of cases of faulty construction workmanship. Despite the publicity the issue is receiving, it doesn’t seem to be getting better for people as more cases reveal themselves, affecting regular houses and larger apartment buildings.

What’s the solution to the housing issues?

The harsh weather that struck Melbourne at the end of December revealed further problems with a housing market that was already becoming known for faulty workmanship. In an article published by The Age, it was suggested that the problem, should it continue, could be worse than the asbestos deposits still being found in houses across the country.

The paper reported that the deficiencies experienced in homes across Melbourne are a combination of faulty workmanship and poor choices of materials. In some cases, this has made dwellings uninhabitable, due to reasons such as mould build up and high fire risks as a result of installed cladding that is combustible.

These aren’t old buildings that are succumbing to the demands of the inclement weather, either. As reported by The Age, there are new apartment buildings in Melbourne that have let up to 30 centimetres of water in after heavy rain.

The problem lies not with the building standards Australian dwellings are constructed too, as these are designed to ensure the country’s harsh conditions don’t prematurely destroy people’s homes. Currently, the Victorian Building Authority is investigating the state’s builders to see if this ongoing ignorance is systemic and widespread.

Aside from the flooding and mould, there’s another very visible sign of the poor standards of workmanship many residents are experiencing across the state. In the basement of residential buildings, people have found stalactites as a result of slow and ongoing leaks that have come through from the upper floors of these buildings.

While many people across Victoria have been inconvenienced by the issues, one woman had her $800,000 apartment flooded five times in the space of two years, leaving behind rotting carpet, toxic mould and algae.

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