Melbourne apartment fire has inspired building investigations

Date: Dec 19, 2016

The fire that blazed through a Docklands apartment building on Latrobe Street called Lacrosse in Melbourne on 25 November 2015 motivated The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to lead a statewide investigation. What they found was a large amount of non-compliance with building codes in Victoria. Find out how you can get compensation if you were injured due to poor workmanship and/or non-compliance with building standards with the help of Gerard Malouf and Partners' expert public liability lawyers.

The fire and the investigation that followed

An investigation by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade's (MFB) concluded that the fire's spreading at the Docklands apartment was due to external aluminium cladding on the building. This material was not in compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC).

The VBA decided to lead an investigation of their own that has brought the troubling issue of widespread non-compliance to the surface. The VBA found that non-compliance with external wall cladding materials in residential public buildings and high rises in Victoria was "far too high."

Non-compliance refers to the use of material that does not comply with The National Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The specific investigation they undertook in response to the fire in 2014 was the first of its kind: an External Wall Cladding Audit. It was surprising to see the number of buildings that have failed to comply with the limits of combustible materials on external walls.

However, the VBA does make the point that non-compliance does not necessarily translate into danger. Besides the Lacrosse building, only one other building identified by the VBA was found to be significantly dangerous because of non-compliance with external wall regulations.

Still, its discovery that there is an immense amount of misunderstanding among builders, building surveyors, engineers, architects and designers as to what material is "fit for purpose" is significant.

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