Medical negligence claim earns Southern Downs family $4 million

Date: Nov 22, 2013

When medical officials act negligently, it can lead to life-altering health problems that are not only extremely costly, but can add pressure on family and friends who take on caregiving duties.

Fortunately, with the help of medical negligence lawyers, these victims can often receive lump sum compensation packages that help pay for past and ongoing medical costs and even any pain and suffering that was experienced.

Such was the scenario in a recent Australian medical negligence case, reported by the Warwick Daily News, in which a family was awarded nearly $4 million after a medical mistake left one son with lifelong disabilities. The medical negligence occurred during his birth at Stanthorpe Hospital in Southern Downs nearly 10 years ago.

The claim was filed by Helen and Sean Wallace, the parents of Dylan Wallace, and it claimed the doctors were responsible for their son's physical and mental disabilities. The complaint was first lodged with the Queensland government in 2011.

Dylan was born on September 16, 2004, and the claim argued that the doctors in charge of delivering him did not properly monitor the child's heart rate. The medical officials reportedly did not check the heart monitor for more than two hours, during which there were serious changes to the cardiotocography patterns.

Had the doctors noticed these changes, they likely would have been able to react to them and prevented the issues that led to Dylan's disabilities, the argument claims.

Taking legal action to file the medical negligence case

Once the matter had been taken to court and presented, Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth confirmed that the doctors had in fact acted negligently during Dylan's birth, and awarded the family $3.75 million. The money will be held in a trust until Dylan's 18th birthday.

Unfortunately, Dylan's case is all too common. Medical specialists concluded that the doctors' mismanagement led Dylan to develop cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia and other disabilities.

Cerebral palsy usually sets in before birth and is caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain. It affects movements, muscle tone and posture. It often requires lifelong care, and leads to other development brain abnormalities.

Birth injuries are one of the most common instances that lead to medical negligence cases. If your family has suffered any form of traumatic birth injury, it may be best to get in touch with medical negligence lawyers to learn what options are available.

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