Man sentenced after injuring police whilst driving on his phone

Date: Jun 18, 2019

According to Transport for NSW data (taken from the period 2005 to 2015), more than 30 people are hospitalised with serious injuries caused by crashes in NSW each day.

The site also states that serious injuries in NSW are road-related injuries that demand admission to hospital. As such, the term 'serious injury' covers a broad array of ailments, including amputation.

This was the theme of a recent motor vehicle accident case brought before the District Court of NSW, where a man drove into stationary police officers.

Background of the motor vehicle accident

On February 16, 2018 just after 8:00 p.m, police were setting up stationary roadside breath testing operations (RBT) on the southbound lanes at Campbelltown Road.

That night, traffic conditions were described as very light, the roadway was clear and the weather was fine. By 8:20 p.m. there were numerous police cars on the left side of the road, all with lights activated and flashing.

The police officers on site were wearing high-visibility jackets and the rear message board on the car was switched on to display the words, 'Random Breath Testing'.

Around this time, the offender was driving a motor vehicle along the Hume Highway. He took the Campbelltown Road exit and began travelling south along the road. As he approached the location of the RBT and the patrol vehicle, he was looking at his mobile phone. He did not see the police officers or the RBT. There were a number of officials near the car who saw the man approaching. An officer yelled "stop". However, the offender's vehicle didn't stop in time and he collided with the stationary police car, squashing two of the officers between the vehicles.

Both police officers were seriously injured, and one noticed his right leg had been partially amputated by the accident.

What happened following the motor vehicle accident?

The offender admitted he was on his phone while driving and didn't see the police officers and RBT as a result. The court learned he had plenty of time to see the police officers and subsequently stop, meaning his negligent actions led to the serious injuries of the two men.

As the offender had obtained a number of prior traffic misdemeanours in a relatively short period of time and the injuries were serious, the court sentenced the man to a total of three years and eight months imprisonment.

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