Man loses arm in workplace accident

Date: Oct 23, 2014

A young Newcastle man has lost his arm after a beer keg he was working with exploded at a NSW bowls club.

On October 10, a 23-year-old bar worker was attempting to release air from a beer keg in a back cool room at the popular Newcastle bowling club. However, as the air was released, the keg exploded and his arm was severed.

Those in the bar heard a loud explosion that rocked the premises and immediately went to the worker’s aid. Emergency services were quickly called and rushed the young man to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

The man was in a serious but stable condition and also received chest injuries as a result of the incident.

His uncle told the Sydney Morning Herald that the injured man was still coming to the realisation of losing the lower part of his arm and his life changing forever.

“The support is there, but it’s very hard to deal with something like this. He is only a young bloke, just 23,” he said.

“The fact his left arm is gone … it’s going to be a long road ahead.”

Police immediately set up a crime scene at the bar and closed it until investigations were completed. WorkCover NSW is also looking into the incident.

Warning issued

John Chin, Hunter representative for Clubs NSW, explained in the days after the incident that a warning had been sent to all clubs alerting owners of the risks of tapping kegs.

He told ABC Online that the warning was issued following a similar incident in Sydney earlier in the year.

“You’re dealing with a high-pressure situation with the gas and obviously there are some ways in which things can go wrong,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of following the proper procedures, the gas that’s used has got to be the proper one, there could be leakages.”

Mr Chin is waiting for the investigations by both police and WorkCover NSW to be completed before passing on details of the case at an upcoming Gold Coast clubs conference.

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